January 26, 2015

Wilson Handcrafts Footballs in the U.S.

Wilson can say that every play, kick and touchdown in the NFL has been made with one of its footballs – but the company’s deep American roots run on and off the field.

Wilson is a true American icon in the world of sports equipment, handcrafting the famous football right in Ada, Ohio. The company’s 130 factory workers stitch 4,000 footballs daily, ensuring product quality before shipping the footballs to stadiums across the country.

“I don’t know if you could make it by machine because it takes craftsmen to do it,” said Dan Riegle, Wilson plant manager.

The four-part process is intense and requires keen attention to detail. Every football is hand-inspected to meet strict regulations.

“I try to make the best football that I can, every day,” said Jane Hesler, a Wilson employee.

For more information on Wilson, visit the ABC News “Made in America” story.

January 14, 2015

The Best American-Made Building Products

If you’re a homeowner, chances are you’ve completed or are currently in the process of completing a renovation project – whether it’s updating the cabinets in your kitchen, or a more extensive project like adding onto your home.

Some people choose to hire contractors to complete the renovations, while other, more DIY-savvy homeowners take on the tasks themselves. Whatever route you choose, one thing’s for sure – there are a lot of product options.

Tom Silva, a general contractor for “This Old House,” highlights some of his favorite building products that are made in the United States. “There are lots of great building products being made in America these days, with more and more coming out every year,” Silva said.

From entry doors to concrete, gutters to tile and more, Silva gives a comprehensive list of product recommendations for homeowners. Visit This Old House to see which American-made building products would work best for your upcoming project.